Hi, I’m a software engineer at IVP, a venture capital firm. I work from home in Duxbury, known for its beach and oysters. I often travel back to San Francisco, where I lived for 10 years.

I previously worked at infra/fintech startups where I developed iOS and Android apps in React Native and helped build testbot, a Continuous Integration tool for private GitHub monorepos.

Before the startups, I worked at thoughtbot, a software consulting firm. I was a developer on Ruby on Rails projects in our Boston office and later became our Chief Marketing Officer. I opened our San Francisco and hired and managed our initial team of designers and developers.

I maintain open source dotfiles for my laptop. My preferred tools are Neovim, Go, Postgres, and web standards (HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I've written more Ruby than anything else.

Postgres is my hammer. I use it for my transactional database, data warehouse, and job queues. I can offer some Postgres tips.

I've shared my evaluations of Platforms as a Service (Fly.io, Heroku, Northflank, Railway, Render) and Postgres as a Service (Aiven, Crunchy Bridge, Neon) in Webstack.

I use the Ruby script file guard trick heavily and structure Rails apps from DNS to CDN to Origin.

I typically manage projects on a kanban board and a Git monorepo. I’ve found the north star metric to be useful for understanding and driving user engagement.

A software design principle that appeals to me is deep modules, simple interfaces.

I wrote a static site generator in Go for this blog and deploy it to Cloudflare Pages.

I'm an angel investor in Electric Air, Reforge, and Underdog.