Hi, I’m a software engineer at IVP, a venture capital firm. I work from home in Duxbury, known for its beach and oysters. I often travel back to San Francisco, where I lived for 10 years.

I previously worked at infra/fintech startups where I developed iOS and Android apps in React Native and helped build testbot, a Continuous Integration tool for private GitHub monorepos.

Before the startups, I worked at thoughtbot, a software consulting firm. I was a developer on Ruby on Rails projects in our Boston office and later became our Chief Marketing Officer. I opened our San Francisco and hired and managed our initial team of designers and developers.

I maintain open source dotfiles for my laptop. My preferred tools are Neovim, Go, Postgres, and web standards (HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I've written more Ruby than anything else.

I use Postgres as a transactional database, as a data warehouse, and for job queues. I can offer some Postgres tips.

I've shared my evaluations of Platforms as a Service (Fly.io, Heroku, Northflank, Railway, Render) and Postgres as a Service (Aiven, Crunchy Bridge, Neon).

I often use the Ruby script file guard trick and structure Rails apps from DNS to CDN to Origin.

I typically manage projects on a kanban board and a Git monorepo. I’ve found the north star metric to be useful for understanding and driving user engagement.

A software design principle that appeals to me is deep modules, simple interfaces.

I wrote a static site generator in Go for this blog and deploy it to Cloudflare Pages.

I'm an angel investor in Electric Air, Reforge, and Underdog.